Importance of Hydration and Movement

Importance of Hydration and Movement

Staying hydrated has several different benefits but unfortunately is often overlooked. From improved brain performance to tissue hydration, consuming the right amount of water helps our bodies function properly. Just like a premium quality Russian Massage in Dubai targets all parts of the body and leads to a reduction in the tension of muscles, thus improving circulation, water also helps in maintaining bodily fluid circulation. Here are some other important bodily functions that are regulated by water:

Metabolic Rate

Our digestive system is responsible for breaking down the food we eat into components such as fats, amino acids, sugars, etc. This helps the body in taking up the nutrients and using them for growth and repair as well as producing energy. This process of breaking down food is known as metabolism. It essentially involves a series of chemical reactions. Water is crucial for all of these chemical reactions to occur.

Circulatory System

The circulatory system is responsible for delivering the nutrients to the right tissues. Our bloodstream consists of 92% water, which means that even a little amount of reduction in the levels of water in our body can hamper the effectiveness of the circulatory system. This makes it difficult to carry out other functions since we aren’t receiving the right amount of nutrients and energy.

Body Waste Management System

One of the important functions of the circulatory system is also to collect waste from all parts of the body. As the cells use up the nutrients delivered to them, they also produce waste. This waste is collected by the bloodstream. The waste products include materials such as lactic acid and CO2. In case of dehydration, the body becomes inept at removing waste products.

Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems

Human bodies are not designed to remain in a single position for a long period of time. However, unfortunately, our sedentary lifestyles make it difficult for us to engage in healthy movement. Sitting in a position for long periods of time can compress our circulatory as well as lymphatic systems. The sitting position creates several right angles inhibiting the flow of blood.

The Spinal Cord

The spine consists of vertebrae and in between the vertebrae – there are spinal discs. These discs act as shock absorbers and essentially work like a sponge. The discs soak in water and squeeze them out regularly. However, proper movement or massage is important to facilitate this action. This process provides nutrients into the disc and hence, water is essential for it.


Keeping yourself hydrated and incorporating optimum movement in your daily routine is imperative for maintaining your overall health. It is important to remember that in order to keep yourself hydrated, drink water at regular intervals instead of waiting to feel thirsty. Similarly, you shouldn’t wait for things to go awry before considering massages for yourself. It is important to take care of your body and if you want to explore more, you can contact us.

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